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and up next, "the o'reilly factor." and make sure you go to and talk about tonight's show. good night from washington. see you tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> if you were santa, you could do magic. >> here, let's watch you disappear. >> well, christmas time is here, and once again there are powerful organizations trying to diminish the federal holiday. we will have a "factor" investigation. how long are the lines here? >> anywhere between four to six hours just to see a doctor. >> with all the controversy about obama care in america, how is canadian care working out? we sent jesse waters up norwatt to find out. >> go ahead. everybody blames santa, right? ♪
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>> and another example of political correctness run amok. katy perry now being accused of being anti-japanese. caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the war on christmas centralizes. that is the suggest of this evening's talking points memo. well, over the years we have taken on the role of protecting the federal holiday of christmas. as you know, there are some americans who are offended by any reference to jesus christ, and that's what the usa celebrates on december 25th, the birth of the baby jesus. president grant signed the holiday into law after congress passed legislation in 1870
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acknowledging the country judeo-christian history. so americans officially got the day off from work. everything was swell up until about ten years ago when creeping secularism and pressure groups like the aclu began attacking the christmas holiday. they demanded, demanded the word "christmas" be removed from advertising and public displays, and many people caved in to that. so now we have the happy holidays syndrome. what is interesting this year is that hanukkah will be over on thursday. so there are no more holidays between then and christmas day. it's just christmas. if you want to invoke happy. bad news for the secular progressives. the absurdity of the situation was brilliantly parodied today by our pal bruce tinsley. the following christmas special actually mentions christianity.
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viewer discretion is advised. and then there is macy's, a company that i generally like because it supports wounded warriors. but this year they're touting santa claus, who will help you, quote, your holiday wish list. so here is my question to macy's. what holiday is santa celebrating? winter solstice? the birthday of a reindeer? what? on the national front, there are three primary culprits seeking to diminish christmas, the american civil liberties union, the freedom from religion foundation, and the american humanist association. the most aggressive is the freedom from religion foundation, which routinely threatens to sue small towns and school districts if they dare utter the word christmas or allow choirs to sing carols in public schools. the irony is that nobody's bothering the atheists. they are free to celebrate whatever they want to celebrate.
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they're free not to believe, and they are free to snicker at anybody who does believe. that's not good enough for these people. they want to banish any mention of jesus in the public square. they are the oppressors. the christmas spirit people are just upholding a nice tradition. so why are we allowing anti-christmas madness? polls showed 47% of americans show there is a war on christmas. 40% do not. 13% are confused. so once again this year, i will keep an eye on the situation. helping me is the alliance defending freedom organization based in scottsdale, arizona. they have been very successful in defending traditional rights in the courts. therefore i say to them god bless you, each and every one, with apologies to dickens. and that's a memo. now for the top story tonight reaction, let's go out to arizona. i want to bring in doug napper, an attorney who works for the alliance organization.
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so what cases are you working on this season? >> you know, bill, as you pointed out, the majority of americans celebrate christmas. so everybody should have the right to enjoy the season without the interference of a few ba humbug bullies. recently we've seen cases where schools have banned music from the schools based on information that has put out by these organizations that don't understand the constitutionality of christmas. there were two cases, one in wisconsin and new jersey, which you talked about on your show where they banned the christmas carol. and then the last one was in south carolina where it was a school band. there weren't even any words. it was just music, and they said, well, even though the students picked these songs, joy to the world and ocome all ye faithful, they banned them from the schools. alliance defending freedom sent a letter, told the truth about christmas, that christmas is constitutional, and they allowed these back in the schools. we had to correct that misinformation there. >> let me stop you there. this was rock hill, south carolina, a suburb of charlotte, north carolina, right on the border. >> right. >> why on earth -- what prompted
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the school officials here in a small town, rock hill, to say we're not going to allow christmas music. were they threatened? did somebody come and shake them? what -- what precipitated that? >> what is happening to this school and others is that they're getting misinformation from groups like the aclu and the freedom from religion foundation that are coming in, and they're telling things about christmas that aren't true. >> give me an example. >> they're saying you can't have christmas carols in the school. the students can't sing religious music in the schools. every federal court that has reviewed this issue has said that you can. and what we have to do, and you're doing a great job, bill, of getting the information out to the american public. alliance defending freedom sent out 13 letters to school districts to tell the truth about christmas. armed with the truth, christmas can come back in, and the ba humbug folks can go out. >> but it seems to me, this isn't a new story. this has been going on for a decade, as i pointed out. and you guys have pretty much won every case that you brought into court, correct? >> sure. and what we're seeing now is
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they're not even bringing these cases the to court. they're sending out these threatening letters with misinformation in them and schools are backing down. >> with all of that known that you have won and that the federal courts have upheld the christmas traditions, why do these school boards fold? why do they do that? why don't they say look, it's already been adjudicated. we know we can do it. we're going to do it and blank you, merry christmas. >> the problem is some of these small schools, they're afraid of litigation. they don't have big budgets. and that's why the alliance defending freedom will come and defend them at no cost to the school districts. but they need to be informed. we hope they'll read the letters. if people out there, and they need to go to their school districts and they need to tell them this truth, they can go to our website, alliance defending all the fact sheets are on there, the laws are on there. the letters we sent out to the school districts are on there. they can tell the truth to the school district. once they're informed, they usually back down. like the last three schools -- >> they all backed down after we put it on air. i think it wasn't because of you
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and your fine organization or the constitution. they backed down because i threatened to come there myself. and threw everyone into pandemonium. >> we appreciate that we appreciate that very much. >> it's good to let people know that your organization will defend them gratis, pro bono if they are harassed by these other people. okay. >> absolutely. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. and a very positive footnote in rhode island. governor lincoln chafee has announced that the official state tree will be called a christmas tree this year. you may remember we debated the governor last year over the holiday tree designation. and we are pleased that governor chafee made the call to christmas this year. thank you, governor. next on the rundown, the obama care debate continues. we'll tell you what is likely to hurt you the most. and watters going up to canada to find out how their government-run health care system is working. "the factor" will be right back.
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impact segment tonight. will there be a doctor shortage in america? from the beginning of the obama care debate, i've been telling you it's not the cost of the health insurance that will be the main problem. yes, the cost is going to go higher for working americans. no question. but it is access to doctors that will vex americans in the future. in the next five weeks, millions of americans will be added to the medicaid roles. and the next year the congressional budget office predicts that nine million more people will be receiving medicaid. just 69% of american doctors accept medicaid now. and that number may go lower as government payments drop. so you can see if millions are added to the medicaid roles and two-thirds of american doctors accept those patients, the lines are going to be all over the place. joining us from oklahoma city dr. keith smith who has a surgery practice. and from dallas, texas, dr. brooks, an orthopedic surgeon.
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doctor, i understand you don't take any medicaid or health insurance at all. >> that's correct, bill. >> why? >> i don't think i can do a author job. i don't believe in running people through my practice. i don't believe in a volume practice. and the new laws really would necessitate my pushing people through, not doing a thorough job. >> why? why couldn't you do a thorough job? you got to explain it to us there. you are in the office, and the people come in, and they have health insurance and medicaid. what would prevent you from doing the usual good job that you do? >> well, it's a time factor. in order to get a good history, it takes ten or 15 minutes. the fees are so low that i couldn't afford to keep my doors open. so i had to make a choice. either keep my doors open and practice medicine quickly, or get rid of the insurance and practice medicine the way i wanted. >> people come to you. they pay the full boat. you send them a bill and they
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write you a check. and there is no middleman at all helping them out. that's essentially your practice? >> that is correct. >> doctor, you do take medicaid patients. do you fear that the flood of new patients in oklahoma, which is inevitable is going to impact on your practice? >> actually, we don't take medicaid patients. and for the same reasons dr. brooks just explained. the reason we don't is i prefer to give care that patients need rather than that that a bureaucrat tells me to give them. >> all right. i apologize for that mistake. i was told that you did take it. so you don't take medicare. do you take private insurance? >> we will file some private insurance as a courtesy to the patients for all but the most abusive carriers. but we do not take medicaid, and don't anticipate. we'd rather treat those patients free of charge than take that money than strings that are attached, not only from the federal government and the state government, but also dictating the type of care these people receive.
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>> okay. so both of you guys are shutting out the poorest americans, the medicaid people, who are going to be supplemented by the federal government under obama care. you both say -- >> no. that's not true. >> don't show up at my door, because i'm not going to do this? no? tell me where i'm wrong. >>. no because if someone calls me and they need to be seen, and i would like to see them, it doesn't matter to me if they can pay me or not. like dr. smith -- >> all right. so you'll do it pro bono. >> sure. >> okay. i'm not saying you're bad guy. i'm not saying you're bad guys. if somebody comes in, they can't pay, and you'll treat them. and that's noble. what i'm trying to get across, and both of you guys don't take it. so therefore the doctors that do take it are going to be flooded with more and more patients because a lot of doctors like you guys. am i wrong? >> no, you're right. you're right. >> okay. >> more physicians -- >> it's a function of time. >> will stop seeing them. >> okay. now you say, dr. brooks, that more physicians are going to stop seeing them. why? why would they stop? >> well, i would say that they
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would stop because there are a subset of physicians who really don't care to practice and to be dictated by a set of people who don't know what it's like. >> do you share that opinion, dr. smith? >> yeah, it's absolutely true. i don't deal with medicare either. i'd rather tell the patient come on in, let's get you taken care of. leave that silly card that you have that says -- >> if both of you guys are right, and more doctors say you know what? i'm not going to get involved with this. i got a decent practice on my own. i can make a living treating what i want to do, the way i want to do, then you're going to squeeze all of these 30 million people who are enrolled on obama care, if they can ever get the computer working, okay, into fewer and fewer doctors. and that is a recipe for chaos, it is not, dr. brooks? >> it is indeed. and plus, as you've said, there are fewer and fewer doctors that will be practicing.
5:17 pm
we're going to have a substantial shortage of doctors by 2020. almost 100,000. and qu to add 32 million people in total to the health care rolls. >> this is what i see coming up. dr. smith, last word. do you see chaos in the future here? >> i see the emergence actually of a consumer market, because these medicaid patients won't stand in line long. and they'll find very affordable care from physicians like dr. brooks and me. >> all right, doctors. we appreciate it very much. just ahead, jesse watters goes to canada to see how the national health care is working out up there. professing undying love. how does that play politically? those reports after these messages. a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event.
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according to a gallup poll taken in 2007, 57% of canadians are satisfied with their national health care program. the system is financed through tax revenues that can reach as high as 50% on income. over the years many canadians have come here to the usa for things like surgery, because wait times are long north of the border. with all that in mind, jesse watters ventured out to talk with some canadians. >> socialized canadian health care. what exactly is that? >> i think our health care situation right now is pretty ridiculous. >> we pay a lot of tax. but we also get a lot for the tax that we pay. >> what is the highest tax bracket here in canada? >> probably 50%. >> 50? >> yeah. >> sounds con fiscatory. >> coming from a [ bleep ] homeless person who gets no access to any health care, i think it's a joke. >> you're not crazy about it, are you?
5:22 pm
>> what has your experience been like interacting with the canadian health care system? >> excellent. >> obama is trying to emulate the socialized health care system here in canada. >> we have a socialized health care? >> use your brains a little bit. >> what are you? >> i'm on the way to being tammy. i used to be tom. >> yes, making excellent progress. >> and does the canadian health care system pay for that? >> under certain circumstances, they will. >> see, obama is trying to emulate you guys. and now it's a train wreck. so i think it's your fault. >> everybody blames canada, right? ♪ blame canada, blame canada >> in this emergency department here we have homeless people, we have bank presidents. they're side by side. >> have you heard of obama care? >> obama care? >> yeah. >> is that a violent thing? >> it sounded like a damn monster movie. >> are you satisfied with your health care here in canada? >> no. we don't enjoy waiting months for an appointment. so it's not the most effective way. >> what are you, a doctor or something? >> did you have to wait any line?
5:23 pm
>> yeah, about eight hours. >> four to six hours. >> if the canadian health care system is so good, why do 40,000 canadians go to the united states each year to get treatment? >> because they're impatient and they got money. >> you need a special appointment. specialist takes months to get. and when people are ill, they don't have money. >> i'm in the hospital. i take the things in my arms and i run. >> so you dine and ditch. >> yeah. >> i was blowing off a little steam. so what? so what? >> you're a holistic healer. >> yes. >> how would you suggest i go about curing my ailment? >> yoga cures everything. >> awkward. >> when are you due? >> i was due yesterday. >> this could happen any moment. i'm not equipped to handle that. >> what is the matter, are you afraid? >> what size cup now? >> so those are natural after a year and a half? >> those are real breasts? >> yes. >> i like the way you're put together. >> do you think there is a doctor shortage here in canada? >> there is shortages in certain specialty areas. >> you're not a socialist
5:24 pm
doctor, are you? >> i don't -- i don't -- i don't -- i'm not sure if i would use that word. >> do you ever watch bill o'reilly on fox news? >> no, i don't watch tv. >> how do you know what is going on? >> i don't. >> do you ever watch "the o'reilly factor"? >> i do, i do. bill o'reilly. wow. >> name the child jesse. it's a great name. >> jesse. are you straight or gay? >> i'm straight. >> don't think i appreciate the gesture. >> real men wear pink. >> yay! >> 57% according to the poll like their health care system in canada. >> well, it's free for one thing. >> when you say it's free, there are no copays, no deductibles, nothing. you have a card and you just walk in, they treat you and walk out. >> a guy said he got free knee surgery. only waited for about four months. but the knee surgery was free. i guy had aids that i spoke to for 20 years.
5:25 pm
he's been getting all the expensive medications and he has been kept alive. so people do like it. >> so the guy that is going from tom to tammy, is that what it was? >> yes. >> so he said part of it was being paid for. >> right. >> did you get to how much will be paid? >> he hasn't gone all the way, if you know what i mean. he has breasts. >> okay. but he is on the way. are they picking up the whole tab? >> they're picking up large percentage, i think he said 75 to 80%. >> that's obviously an elective thing. >> no, it's not. he is a woman trapped in a man's body. and that's very psychologically damaging to him. i'm note making fun of this. but he says it's very disheartening. >> right. transgendered people certainly have their reasons for what they do. and that's legitimate. >> right. >> but it's not a life threatening you got to get it fixed or you're going to die. >> no. >> this would make my life better. so it's optional. >> taxpayers are picking up part. >> but not the whole thing.
5:26 pm
but if you're a cancer patient or have aids, the whole boot. >> the problem with cancer, if you're diagnosed and you want the chemo right away, they'll put you in line for a few months. >> you have you to wait. >> a lot of people don't think it's accept to believe wait for keep moment. >> a lot of thousands come here. if you got cancer, you want it treated right away. even with cancer, you got to wait. >> you do. >> all right, jesse watters, everybody. brit hume on michelle and barack obama talking about very personal things. is that a smart thing to do politically? and charges that kinger katy perry is anti-japanese. you're not going to believe what is going on here. bernie goldberg will help you analyze. we hope you'll stay tuned for those reports. ♪
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personal story segment tonight. reaction to our reports on a possible doctor shortage in america and the health care system in canada. joining us from washington, mary catherine, juan williams, both fox news analysts. juan, the two doctors predict a big doctor shortage in america. do you concur with that prediction? >> i don't know. i mean, i think the whole system is changing. i think for them, neither of them take medicare and medicaid patients at the moment. so, you know, they're not great examples. but i think most doctors will tell you they don't think they're going to get a lot of money out of this system. the whole change is intended to drive down the costs of health care. >> let's assume, and i disagree with you, these doctors are being up-front and say look, we want to do a practice a certain way, and they certainly have a right to do that. so if that plays out, that doctors say you know what? not worth it. not making enough money. i want to do quality care and get paid for it in a certain
5:31 pm
way, not through the federal government, so then inevitably, there will be fewer doctors with more medicaid people, millions, tens of millions more. so, juan, you can see how this shaping up here? can you not see how this is shaping up? >> yeah, that for people with money, we can go to those guys. >> but what about the obama care was supposed to make health care better for the poor, more accessible for the poor? now it's going to make it more -- how could it if there are fewer doctors, juan? >> because you have health care clinics, you health care centers expanding with more doctors' assistants, more nurses assistants. >> so you're not going to get a doctor. you're going to get a nurse or a physician's assistant. mary catherine, you say what? >> well, we've had rate shock. we've had a broken website and the next shock is going to be doc shock or access shock. >> doc shock, i like that. >> finding out through your exchange-based private insurance or medicaid that you're not able to get in to see a doctor very
5:32 pm
quickly or not able to get the doctor you had before. with medicare, you're adding maybe 10 million new folks to a system that wasn't working well to begin with, where you were having to wait for doctors, certainly specialists, long periods of time before you could get in. having a government program passing a law does not necessarily mean you are getting people good care, which is something that critics of obama care have offered the entire time we've been discussing this. and it looks like it's coming to fruition. it's going to get worse. >> do you feel sorry for juan, as i do? because juan and his fellow political travelers, they want health care, good health care for the poor. >> right. >> and so do i. i do. but my theory, mary katharine, has always been that the way to get to that is not to destroy the entire medical system for everybody except those with big bucks, as juan acknowledged. that's not the way to get there. so i kind of feel sorry because
5:33 pm
juan is torn between the ideological vision of free health care and good health care for the poor. >> right. >> and a system that is falling apart. so my question to you, mary katharine,and i'll give you the last word, juan, that you feel sorry that juan is in this ethical dilemma. >> have i compassion for juan as a friend. but i feel more sorry for people who are thrown into a program where they expect care and they don't end up getting it because you're having this doctor shortage on both ends. >> big expectations that are not going to be realized. >> and they're not public utilities. they're people. >> people and make individual decisions. that's right. >> they're trying to live and make their own decisions. >> both mary katharine and i sympathize with you because you are trapped in this vortex. i'll give you the last word. >> am i trapped like that guy who wants to be a woman in canada? i would say this. first of all, i appreciate the holiday compassion, because i think everybody in the country deserves some kind of health care. and the key point to you and to
5:34 pm
mary katharine is the uninsured people, people inadequately ensured at the moment have no health care. so the idea they would get into the health care system and get treatment is a holiday bonus for them. >> that's true. you can't deny that. but for the rest of us, we're all going to be paying more and waiting more unless we have big bucks. >> wait, hold on. >> unless we have big bucks. >> ironically, you try to be very compassionate. you end up giving lower income folks care that is essentially junk insurance, which is what the president has been complaining about. >> all the physician assistants and nurses i know are very good. they're better than some of the doctors. all right. thank you very much, both of you. when we come right back, brit hume on michelle and barack obama talking about love. does politics mix in with that. and then bernie goldberg on katy perry being accused of being anti-japanese, upcoming. e toaster cozy? yep. got all the cozies. [ grandma ] with n fedex one rate, i could ll a box and ship it r one flat rate. so i kn untilt was full. you'd be crazy not to. is tt nana? [ male announcer ] fedex one rate.
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thanks for stay with us. and i'm bill o'reilly. and in the hume zone segment tonight, an interesting expedition last friday on abc. the president and first lady sat for an interview with barbara walters. >> i know that by now you both have fairly thick skins. but when you hear your husband being booed, the president, at a recent basketball game, how do you feel?
5:39 pm
>> i am fortunate to be living with a man who has a long view of this job, who understands that in the case of health care that this is all about the folks who don't have insurance, the folks that he sees every single day. >> this is a man you love, some people -- >> i do. i love you. i mean, it's a plain as simple as that, barbara. i love this man. he is working hard. he is doing the best he can, and he is doing a phenomenal job. and i got his back. >> she does have my back. >> all right. joining us now from washington, fox news chief political analyst brit hume. do you think that was a smart political move? is there more to it than just genuine affection, which i think is there? is there more to it than that? >> well, presidents tend to benefit from association with the first lady, whoever the first lady. i mean a lot of first ladies, many first ladies are more popular than their husbands.
5:40 pm
that's because they tend to be relatively noncontroversial. barbara bush was probably the most conspicuous contemporary example of that. but most first ladies are well liked by the public. and they don't have a job really in the same way their husband does, so they don't have to worry about the approval ratings. so it benefits a president to be seen in a loving and mutually supportive relationship with the wife. but i don't think it goes very far. >> what do you mean by that? >> in other words, if you're in a political kind of jam that this president is in over his major initiative being in terrible, terrible trouble and likely to continue, this little tableaux of family unity there is not going to hurt, but it probably won't help very much. >> do you think it was targeted at women viewers? >> yeah, i'm sure it is. barbara walters asks the kind of questions, the kinds of personal questions that tend to perhaps be of more interest to many women viewers. so perhaps it was. i just think as a political event, it's kind of a minor occasion. >> okay. now, let's run down the modern
5:41 pm
presidents that you have covered. well can almost begin with gerald and betty ford. they had a relationship -- >> glad you didn't say george and martha washington, thank you. >> you picked it up with martin van buren, i think, right after jackson. but they weren't overty affectionate together. >> but that was -- she was well liked, very well liked. >> she was well liked. >> and then she got into trouble and then she made something out of that, and we have the betty ford clinic. so she emerged as a kind of hero. >> and then jimmy carter and rosalynn carter. >> they were, and they had a good marriage. i think people like to see that. >> but you didn't see a lot of them together, or they didn't do the kind of thing that we saw on barbara walters. >> i don't remember them doing a bunch of that. >> but nancy and ronald reagan. i know you're getting old. take it from me, they weren't that overt. it was more of a quieter thing. but then nancy and reagan came
5:42 pm
on the scene, and they were joined at the hip. >> yeah, they were. >> ronald reagan made a lot of -- no bones about it that he -- nancy reagan was his partner, and they were in it together, and that was all over the place. and that benefitted president reagan. >> it did. she became a little controversy late in the administration, remember the business about the astrologer and there was some controversy. >> oh, yeah. >> no doubt about it. >> and then we had bush the elder and barbara bush, very outspoken, barbara bush. >> she was wildly popular. wildly popular. >> right. >> but there was more of a back and forth there. >> right. >> they were kind of joshing each other. >> that's right. >> and then of course we had bill and hillary clinton. >> she was controversial. she was controversial because she had her own agenda on health care in particular, and she set out to fulfill that. in one sense, that she was the real power behind the throne in a way you didn't sense either with barbara bush or laura bush.
5:43 pm
>> right. but nancy reagan a little bit. >> nancy reagan a little bit. >> a lot of people thought nancy was involved in policy. and then w. and laura bush. and that was a very respectful, very close relationship. >> right. >> and he benefitted from her, there is no doubt about it. >> i think so, absolutely. >> but i don't think i've ever seen an interview as overtly romantic as the obamas put on friday night. >> when she said that i do love you, yeah you don't hear a lot of that. >> you don't hear too much of that in politics this evening -- not this evening, or in this country. all right. good, hume, thanks very much. we didn't rattle you with too many questions you had to go back to. >> thank you, bill. >> you and james buchanan, though, were great together. we need clips of that. tv wasn't invented then. but if you could have seen hume and buchanan, they were tight. bernie goldberg on. madness, this time starring katy perry. bernie is next.
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back of the book segment tonight. more crazy political correctness. last week singer katy perry kicked off the american music awards. ♪ ♪ all because i love you ♪ i love you >> well, after that performance, "the huffington post" printed this critique, quote. there's room for argument as to whether the performance was racist, but i was definitely, definitively, and with no room for argument cultural
5:48 pm
aappropriateshun. cultural aappropriateation. joining me bernie goldberg. mr. goldberg, do you know what the hell that is all about? >> i actually do. i actually do. in my hours and hours of research for this segment, i came up with a definition of cultural appropriation. here is it is in one sentence. it refers to picking and choosing elements of a culture by a member of another culture without permission. now, conservatives have their own -- conservative have their own craziness. but only a liberal could come up with this nonsense. so if robert de niro wants to play the ayatollah khomeini in a movie, who does he go to get permission to do that? does he go to all muslims in the
5:49 pm
whole world? >> the iranian parliament, i think. they got to pass, you know. >> i don't know. but you got to get permission if you're going to appropriate somebody else's culture. you can't do it without permission. >> i've never heard of this. i never. this is the first time i've ever heard of this. but perry, katy perry, i mean, the song was in context. nice costumes. it's almost like a homage. it makes you want to go to japan. >> exactly. >> spend some money there and learn about the culture, right? >> here is the thing, bill. this is not about katy perry. this is about liberals who on halloween, for instance, decide that kids can't wear cowboy outfits or indian outfits because it's appropriating cowboy culture or indian culture. and with katy perry, she is apparently appropriating japanese culture. but that's not what it's really about at all. she is not playing just any old japanese woman. she is playing a geisha, right? and a geisha is a woman who was
5:50 pm
subservient to men. a geisha tries to please men and make them happy. and in liberal circles, playing such a woman is a felony. if katy perry were wearing that exact same outfit outfit on sta were kicking men in the head she would be a feminist icon. >> so if katy perry were wearing that outfit but was secretly a ninja, all beating up guys she wouldn't be proappropriating in reyesist way the japanese culture. >> it isn't just the japanese culture. she's playing a subservient woman. >> i got it. >> liberals can't tolerate that because they are the cultural police. they are the cultural police. they have decided what is acceptable for all of us and what is unacceptable for all of us. >> why don't they just say that? why do they have to hide behind the racist angle that katy perry
5:51 pm
is a racist here because she dresses up. >> i have a theory. >> go ahead. >> i have a theory on that. a lot of journalists write about this under then headline "is katy perry racist" and all that, they are young liberals who missed the most important and exciting story and movement of the 20th century -- the civil rights movement. they want their own civil rights movement. so they go after kids who wear indian costumes on halloween and katy perry for dressing up in a kimono. let me tell you, my liberal friends, that is not in the same galaxy. probably not in the same universe as the march from selma to montgomery. >> it's worse than that. in over to ttalitarian culture they ban things like this. you can't do this, can't do that. under this banner printed in the huffington post i should be mad at danny thomas, lebanese
5:52 pm
comedian, father of marlo thomas who is now married to phil donahue. his theme song was "danny boy," an irish song because he's lebanese. >> how about this, bill? should we consider johnny dep a racist because he played tonto in "the lone ranger"? >> absolutely. >> i have two more. should we consider keith carradine who played a buddhist monk on "kung fu." did meryl streep appropriate jewish culture when she played a holocaust survivor in "sophie's choice"? they are performers playing a role. liberals used to be sensible. they have lost their mind. >> certainly on the katy perry one. it was innocent. if you do blackface and that
5:53 pm
kind of thing. >> that's different. >> it was an homage and it was obvious. bern aie goldberg. no appropriating irish stuff in miami. >> sayonara. >> factor tip of the day. perhaps the best christmas present you could buy anyone. the tip moments away. [ male announcer ] marie callender's knows all white meat chicken was made to be blanketed in golden breadcrumbs. with whipped mashed potatoes, topped with a thick homemade gravy. so she makes her country fried chicken to be eaten together. so they savor every last bite. marie callender's. so she makes her country fried chicken to be eaten together. ick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the new flexcare platinum from philips sonicare and save now. philips sonicare.
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factor tip of the day. a terrific christmas present you could buy someone in a moment. first another terrific present. if you want signed copies of "killing jesus" you have until this thursday order on it's sold more than a million copies and i feel i signed them all. that's why we have to cut it off on thursday. in order to get you the books before christmas, i have to physically sign them. we have thousands of orders. if you want them, go to now.
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in addition we have great usa strong stuff this year. sends a positive message. like the hats, shirts, cups, pens, all the money is donated to charity. those are reasonably priced. now the mail. dr. ablo is a bloviator. i'm depressed because the president is disempowering me? find someone with a brain. john from florida. dr. ablow nailed it. hope everybody hears his words. from studio city, i am not a fan of watters. i find it horrifying and shocking that there are so many uninformed people walking the stre streets. don't blame watters. bill, the factor was disgusting last night. that would have been last wednesday. we do not like jesse watters. your ratings will drop if you continue to put him on the air. if the ratings drop, john, watters will get what luca brazi
5:57 pm
got. from california, watters is my definition of handsome, second only to bill o'reilly. just know watters is heavily made up. ed from new jersey. bill, i like your suggestions for christmas albums, especially the carpenters. what about elvis? also, do you know where i can get mungo jerry's greatest hits? mungo jerry! that band had one hit, ed, in the summer time of 1967. so it would be a very small cd. i don't know. one hit. ken funk, british columbia, canada. you are correct that karen carpenter is one of the t greatest female singers but she's canadian, not american. she was born in new haven, connecticut. while some of them might want to be canadians, she was an american. erie, pennsylvania.
5:58 pm
i am reading "killing jesus" and it is wonderful. i recommended it to my theology teacher at high school. she's considering making it an assignment. it's a tough book for kids but teenagers can handle it. let me know what happens. finally the factor tip of the day. we are trying to buy high tech wheelchairs for vets severely wounded in afghanistan and iraq. we have raised more than $10 million by providing you with a replica of the signed presidential posters suitable for framing. the picture was taken at the opening of the bush library. all the presidents signed it for me. we made replicas. if you donate $25 or more to the independence fund which provides chairs you can get the picture. know your christmas gift of the presidential poster will make somebody happy. that's a great piece. it will also help the brave veterans and their families. factor tip of the day. i would like to thank robert and june cebo of reno for donating
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$350,000 to get wheelchairs to the vets. you guys are patriots. i wish you a very merry christmas. finally peter jacobson won the pga's prestigious payne stuart award. peter is donating $90,000 of the prize to the independence fund. mr. jacobson, a major patriot. that's for sure. that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website. spout out from anywhere in the world. name and town, name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be salubrious when writing to "the factor." thursday, mad as hell@fox if you're angry, we want to hear about it thursday night. we pick the most intense letters. thank you for watching. ms. megyn is next.
6:00 pm
i'm bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight in the middle of a two-day debate over the obama care website, how well it is working and whether we should trust the administration's claims, one top republican senator now levels an explosive accusation. welcome to kwoez kelly. i'm megyn kelly. as the obama administration say it is website is greatly improved new reports point the to a major flaw. the part of the system that's supposed to deliver customer information to insurance companies, you log in your information and they deliver it to the insurance companies to get you insurance -- still doesn't work. that mean s many people may not be able to get coverage and others may think they have it and will find out at

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